Digital Media

Critique Digital Media. How have you benefited from this class? What did you enjoy most? What changes would you suggest for future classes?

From one of my first blog posts, I wrote that I took this class for my literary magazine and this still hold true. But I’ve gotten an infinite amount of wealth I never expected as a little bonus. I’ve learned about all the things I though I had appreciated. Through reading magazines, downloading fun fonts, and looking at a website to see if it’s a cheap company- I thought I understood all the elements of entertainment (writing and pictures that is). Now, I know the difference between fonts, what looks best, and how to manipulate them. I know why I like certain magazine pages, how to design them, and what balance in design is. I’ve learned the science and art of white space, contrast, and color coordination.


This class has also given me a sense of who a journalist is, and their job description. It’s something I always thought was cool since I was a little chickadee watching Gilmore Girls. Rory was smart, fashionable, lovable- and she was becoming a journalist. Perfect.

Not only have I been exposed to a career of writing, but a career of graphic design. I’ve started to get a “designer’s eye”, and who knows if that will develop into anything.


Another set of extremely valuable lessons I’ve learned from Digital Media are journalism laws. Interviewing, tape recording, freedom of speech- all of these things that make our country but we never truly think about.


For future classes, I haven’t much to say. I have absolutely loved this class- the people, and the assignments. Possibly more check in dates for big projects but I think the workdays pretty much built those in there anyway. And to be honest, in the real world, no one is going to be checking you every step of the way for you to get a job done.


Mrs. Huddleston, thank you so much for creating such an unique opportunity. Your class was constantly intriguing, and valuable beyond measure. It’s been a haven to have a small relaxed class once a day, and your organization and predictability always gave me a sense of stability. You’re a wonderful teacher, and I’ll miss having your class.


Rachel, Kory and Henry- rock on yearbookers, rock on.


Bad Graphic Design

Here are some examples of terrible examples of graphic design for kicks and giggles, or ugliness and grief.

This is horrendous. I can barely tell what the title says and it is not the dominant element by a big enough margin.  The B-I-G looks unaligned and awkward. The black text below it is too close with Spring Gallery. It’s unclear what the walk refers to and it looks just like it’s just thrown in. The pictures on the sides are not small but not big enough to be a strong element. The fading green to the paleish yellow is grow and makes things hard to read.

Again horrendous. The terrible shadow box around the gaudy random buttons. There is no dominant photo. To be honest, I have no idea how the two pictures or any of the elements connect. It seems like the title/logo is the black and white in the top center but it did not even notice when I first looked at the page. Oh wait now I see that it’s about sculling like rowing! Whoa. Took me a while. Thus, proving my point that even someone with my superior intelligence has to use a large chunk of their large brain to get the message of the site. (jokes)…. But really, not only is the message unclear, but there is no uniform alignment or professionalism. They use white space excessively and it looks blank.

For now we are going to totally disregard the terrible store “Kidz Kloset”‘s title, this sign is so bland, unfocused and unprofessional. The title is just slightly larger than its description so neither is emphasized. The all caps also make it terrible. They try to make the sign fit their clientele by making it colorful and comic sans plain. However, this is a cheap uncreative way of attempting to drawl in frugal parents. They just look sketchy.

Irony. A terribly graphic designed graphic design website. The color choices are icky. Orange, blue, and green do not go well together. I have no idea what the picture on the left is, but I assume it’s bad design. The fade effect below print & media is a weak attempt at being creative. However it looks cheap, and awkward. Also to the right, there is a terrible use of white space especially with the bland colors beside it. The “graphics design” title looks unprofessional, and the water color crap behind it looks strange. There is also no organization beneath the title to direct you through this page.

I thought this was funny, and very true.

To cheer everyone up from these terrible designs, here is awesome. I love magazines. I love princesses. I thought this was very interesting how each princess really matches up with the character of each magazine.

My family’s Thanksgiving

First off, we call it Turkey Day. This year we had oven roasted, and deep fried turkey- both delicious! For Thanksgiving, my immediate family heads up to Hopkinsville, Kentucky to go to my dad’s side of the family. This year my cousin Josh hosted our traditional Thanksgiving lunch.

On the Menu :

Honey Baked Ham

Moist, deep fried turkey

Oven roasted turkey

mashed potatoes

cranberry sauce (homemade and canned)

mashed sweet potatoes

Oyster stuffing

broccoli cheddar casserole



Fruit salad with coconut toppings

Sourdough bread

cream corn

Derby pie (pecan pie with chocolate chips)

chocolate chip cookies

Fried apple pies ( like turnovers)

Ghiradelli brownies

orange juice cake

My family at the beach during Thanksgiving break my freshman year. We had our extended family Thanksgiving earlier and headed down where it was a little warmer and got our Christmas card pictures.

Little me preparing for ALL the good foods

My whole Kentucky family at my house in 7th grade for Turkey Day

The Good Side of Graphic Design

A very clean, yet colorful design

This first example is “the world’s #1 package design website”. Their website mirrors the precession, and clarity of the packaging they create. It is aligned to the left- which is much more preferable than to the right since English speaking (and most other) people read and process things from left to right. Their headline logo “The Dietline” is simple, bold and easy to read. There are outlined figures of things they package to the right of the title to put everything together. The white background makes for an easy way to display their products. They use black as the main type letter, but accent with the teal of the title. The website- and their products- look pulled together, professional and modern.


Cool... you made this

This website originally named “We Made This” is a blog type deal of a graphic design business. Seems like these graphic design websites know how to design things! Haha but this website also utilizes white space extremely well.  The type is sans serif and black- making the small type still very easy to read. The title in all lowercase letters straight forwardly display the informal, laid back but personal feel of their business. Their leading lines and subtitle lines incorporate the gray from the background of the title while the red in the title serves for a little pop. All their information is easily accessible and their pictures have ample space to be the focus of the page.

The World's favorite prince and princess! Although I do love Monaco's royalty

For my last example, I decided to use something that was a little bit more exciting for me haha. Just as I love the Windsors, I love this magazine cover. Most (sorta cheap) magazines tend to have very cluttered covers that tell you 2 dozen reasons why you should buy this magazine-which is appropriate for their purpose but this is different. “Love Reigns” shouts the sentiment while below and above it is a more reserved text to give you the details. The picture obviously conjures up a royally romantic feel but it’s how the words were placed that makes it even more intriguing. Kate’s gorgeous wedding dress serves as a backdrop for the text, but still she is the main focus of the page. The blue in “LOVE REIGNS” contrasts with the white, and ties in the background colors along with Prince William’s sash. The red title of “William and Catherine” gives a sophisticated air that connects to the wealth represented in the Prince’s attire, and the rich red carpet. I also give some props to People for letting their part of the story (their title) majorly second fiddle to the bride and groom. The way the two are completely in front of it makes them seem important, and even happier as the prince and his princess.

My sister

So I have a sister.

Lauren, my sister, is five and a half years older than me. She turned twenty-two this August. She’s six school years older than me, and in her first year of graduate school.

Interesting fact: whatever grade she’s in, it’s my age after my birthday in December. So when she was in ninth grade I was eight going on nine. When she was a freshmen in college (13th grade) I was in 7th grade- twelve going on thirteen.

Lauren and I have many similarities. A lot of people say we look alike. As the second born, I consider myself the much more laid back. She’s more grade conscious but has a bit less common sense than I do sometimes.

Lauren gets on my nerves sometimes, but I annoy her a lot too. I often wished that I had an older brother. I imagined a brother about her age, and Lauren being just three years older than me. My older brother would protect us and make us comfortable around boys. (Keep in mind, this was often in middle school when I was very awkward around boys.) That way Lauren would be closer in age to me and we could be the top sisters in high school together and crush on the same boys and have the whole teenage sister experience.

However, I am very grateful for my sister. With our big age difference, I think we’re actually closer. She’s my bestest buddy, a great confidante, and crazy.


Sisters forever

Lauren and me in London

Finally taller (with heels) than big sissy

And I found a very interesting article on how siblings interact. I think we have pretty good relationship!

Oh ethics again…

What are some issues journalists face today that can seriously compromise their ethics and integrity?

A system of moral principles. That’s essentially what ethics is. Or are? Is there more than one system of moral principles? Varying standards? Today I think there are.

In my school, we write on every quiz, paper, and test “On my honor I have not given or received any help on this assignment”. There is a written out code of acceptable practices in the handbook, and on the first day of class teachers always go over what constitutes cheating in their class.There’s a group of about 3 students from every grade that make up the Honor Council. They make decisions on students guilt or innocence, and recommend a punishment to the principal. It’s a honor and a college application boost to be on Honor Council.

In the real world, things are less defined. Specifically, in the internet world, ethics are much harder to pin down. Anybody can see something posted publicly on the internet but with a private blog that “no one ever reads” – what’s the problem with posting something funny and a little exaggerated?

It’s a main problem of journalism today. On the internet, what you see is not always what you get. Another problem, is that especially student journalists or just-for-fun-bloggers do not know the laws that apply to fraud, liable, or accountability. We need to educate internet users, and people who value integrity.


b o o !

As you know, Halloween is quickly approaching! I’m excited for the fun this year. I’ll be hanging out candy to little kids from the back of my car. (illustration of me)

What I mean is, I’m going to be involved in a community service outreach program to fulfill the Halloween dreams of young children of my school family. (me now)

So actually I’m setting up my Jeep in the lower school parking lot with decorations and candies for elementary kids to come trick-or-treat. (so basically me)

Thus, Trunk-or-Treat.

I’m excited to pimp my ride out with ghoulish decorations I found in the attic augmented by Target’s One Dollar aisle merchandise, and pick out – in my humble opinion- the tastiest candies. I’m excited to see all the little fellers in their carefully planned Halloween costumes that they’ve thought about for months. (It’s always interesting to look back on Halloween costumes to embrace your former ideologies and priorities from that year. When I was a nine month old pumpkin, maybe that was my parent’s inspiration.) I’m excited to give the adorable princesses, cuddly animals, and wittle bitty Spidermen a sweet treat. I’m not as excited for the pre-teens, and the pre-pre-teens coming to my trunk demanding a load of candy while they stand in front of me, in the glory of their awkwardness, dressed as a “sassy cadet”, or a freaky Freddy Krueger. To be fair, I would bet at this particular event there won’t be too many of those since it’s put on by my school but there’s always that chance.

This is my first year (I’m almost seventeen years old, mind you) not trick-or-treating and I feel like the tables have turned. Now I am giving out the candy. Strange. Granted I will be dressed up when giving out the candy and not sitting in a rocker on my porch waiting to give out raisins- it’s still a big change.

Freshman year, the princesses! ... one is different from the other


Sophomore year, stretching it a bit- From the left me as Hannah Montana (one of my friends was Miley later on that night), Antoine Dodson, a cheetah?, Fran Drescher from the Nanny, a tiger?, Barbie (Ken came later), a garden gnome, a Greek goddess, a football player, and a rocker

Approximately 6 year old me as a Barbie fairy princess combo, my sister as Hawaiian dancer, my dad in his annual "Billy Bob" persona, and our precious dog Belle